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About LocalMobileInsider.com

LocalMobileInsider.com was created by Martin Maybruck to help local businesses and local business marketing consultants learn how to get more local leads and sales using local SEO, local maps, local directories, mobile marketing and social media marketing (especially Facebook & now Google Plus).

Adrienne DeVitaIf you want to know a REAL EXPERT in Local Mobile Marketing and Social Media, Join the BEST GUY in the Business! I just learned a TON about mobile marketing from Martin. I rank him as one of the Top 5 BEST White Hat Internet Marketers in the industry I’ve met over the last 8 years! Martin Maybruck you simply ROCK like no other! Thanks so much!
- Adrienne DeVita

Learning from Martin Maybruck was the game changer for me. It has made all the difference in the world for myself and my business. You just don’t get many opportunities to learn from someone who is so knowledgeable & willing to share it all. The best thing I’ve ever done for myself & my business was deciding to learn from Martin Maybruck.
- Jonathan Taylor


About Martin Maybruck

Martin Maybruck is an expert in direct response marketing specifically related to local, mobile and Facebook marketing.

Martin started learning and implementing local lead generation for his own local Architecture and Construction Management business in New York City back in 1997.

In 2002 Martin got certified as an SEO and Search Engine Marketing Expert. Since then he has been a local marketing consultant helping small to medium size businesses use digital marketing to grow their profits.

In 2009 Martin expanded his consulting and training online to reach and help more businesses. Through his online courses, membership communities and mastermind group, Martin has trained and coached over 5000 businesses and local offline marketing consultants.

In November of 2011 Martin and 12 of his certified mobile marketing developers were hired by Google to help build over 1000 local business mobile websites in just 5 days at Google’s launch of their GoMo (Go Mobile) Initiative in Mobile, Alabama.

Martin’s primary focus since 2010 has been MOBILE FIRST. Consumers and technology are leading the way in mobile and businesses and marketers are getting left behind. Martin’s goal is to help businesses and marketers get to and stay on the bleeding edge in mobile to increase their leads, sales and profits.

Martin Maybruck at Google's GoMobile Initiative 2011

Martin Maybruck at Google’s GoMobile Initiative 2011

Google's GoMo Initiative Mobile Alabama 2011

Google’s GoMo Initiative Mobile Alabama 2011




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